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Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, American Association of Drugless Practitioners
Certified Holistic Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition

My journey to better health began in 2009. I was a typical thirty-something girl with a successful career, active social life and goals for the future. But I never felt truly healthy. I’d always been an active person with a love of exercise and did it regularly, but I was also caught up in the typical American diet of processed food filled with too much fat, salt, sugar, and not enough of what my body was truly craving. I was overweight, stressed out, unbalanced and unhappy. I was 32 and on blood pressure medication and pre-diabetic. And one day, after I returned from a doctor’s visit to get my latest prescription refill, I thought to myself “what the heck am I doing? I am a young woman and feel like crap”. So then and there I decided it was time for a change, and this time it would be for good. I left the fad diets behind and opted to focus on just eating “clean”. Overly processed foods were replaced with fresh ingredients like vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Fast food was abandoned for home cooking. I also eventually cut out meat, as I felt my body was personally better off without it. Within 6 months, I had dropped 30 pounds, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels returned to normal, my moods evened out and my energy was wonderful!

I soon developed a love for cooking and, as my culinary adventures expanded, so did my hunger to understand the inner workings of the American food system. I soon discovered that it’s not a system devoted our best interests and telling the truth – it’s a system rooted in corporate marketing schemes, political greed and a desire to keep Americans sick and profits rising. No wonder so many people are unhealthy and confused!

The more I learned and experienced, the more I felt a passion and a mission to share with others and help people discover all the benefits of living a life centered in good nutrition. When people eat better, they feel better and there is a positive effect that carries over into all areas of life. I decided to become a health coach because I believe everyone deserves to be happy and healthy and it’s easier when you have a guide to help show you the way.

Through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I have been trained in over 100 dietary theories, which allows me to guide you in creating the best plan to achieve your personal health goals. Additionally, my approach includes addressing other key areas of life such as relationships, career, spirituality and fitness in order to help my clients achieve balance. After all, being healthy is about more than just food.

So just know – if you are frustrated with your weight, if you lack balance and energy, if you are constantly at the pharmacy filling a prescription, if you are so confused about what you should be eating or feeding your family, I understand completely. I’ve been there. The journey to better health and personal wellness takes time and patience. I am here to make the journey easier.

I’m so appreciative of the time you took to learn more about me. If you are ready to get started, please contact me to schedule a complimentary health history discussion.  I look forward to meeting you soon!